Aviation English Classes use's Webex (by Cisco) for our Webinars, which allows for a global classroom. These Webinars are no larger than a class size of 8 students. Webinars allow students to meet other students who have the same goals in mind. This further helps students to practice outside of the classroom on their own with their classmates. In addition student will be able to record all classes eliminating wasted note taking time.

These Webinars are filled with the teaching of English as it relates to aviation and conversation. This is a total student interactive environment. Students will be able to talk about the things that interest them most, there by deepening the accelerated process of reaching ICAO “Operational Level 4”. Students will progress to a level were they will begin to talk 80% of the time and the instructors will guide and correct, thereby establishing confidence building in the use of their second language.

For more information about our training strategy and philosophy, Click “Training Strategy” tab. You can register for a webinar at anytime, just send us an email and we will be happy to provide you with Webinar dates.