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1. Our one time Enrollment fee:  $15.00

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3. One on One training through Skype: $25.00  per hour (minimum two hour 
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                                 Here is a Money  Saving Tip  
Hobbs Time

In most airplanes, the Hobbs clock is started and stopped based on
an oil pressure switch, so it starts when the engine starts and stops
when  the  engine  is  shut-down. While it's running, it just ticks off a
tenth of an hour every 6 minutes, based on "regular wall clock time".
So a tenth of idling on the ramp is the same as a tenth at cruise.
Tach Time

The  tach  clock isn't  really  a clock at all, it doesn't actually measure
time, it  really  measures  engine  revolutions. But  it's calibrated such
that a tenth of an hour of tach time is clicked off when the engine is at
cruise  RPM  for  6  minutes.  In  other  words, if the plane is at cruise
RPM, the tach clock will be clicking off  tenths of  an hour at the same
rate  as  the  Hobbs  clock, and  the  same  as  the  watch  on  your
wrist. But  if  the  engine  is idling at an RPM speed that's half of what
cruise RPM is, then  the  tach clock  will  be  running at  half the
speed of the Hobbs clock.
So, for the tach clock, less "time"   is clocked when the plane is  idling on the ramp, or flying at low RPM. For  short flights  (where  ramp idling time is a significant percentage of total time), and flights  where you're  doing a lot of pattern work (and thus operating at low RPM), tach time will be significantly less than Hobbs time. So if you have an option to rent an airplane with Hobbs or Tach time, choose the aircraft with Tach Time.