Below are some of our example questions you will see within the Aviation English Placement Test (AEPT) or the Pre-ICAO Level 4 Test (PILT).
Aviation English Classes  example questions  have  been designed  for aviation  and none
aviation  applicants.  Applicants  with an aviation  background  should  give their answers
within the context of their aviation knowledge. And Applicants, who has no aviation
background, should give their answers as one would normally do in a general conversation.
These kinds of questions will help us to better understand how much work if any, you may
need to reach your goal of accomplishing ICAO Level 4 and above.   
Section One
1.    Can you tell me a little about yourself?
Section Two
While you read and listen to the video take notes and at the end of  the video, verbally  explain  what  happened  to  cause  this  runway  incursion between

United 1015
Boeing 737
United 10-15 


Giant Atlas 6972
Boeing 747
Giant 69-72
Section Three
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Who is Boston Ground talking too, what are the instructions given and what is the readback?

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