Aviation English Classes offers a three course 8 month program for Pilots 
   and Student Pilots. This program is a two day a week / three hours each day 
   program. This program is offered through our “One on One” Skype class room 
   or Webinars.

   Read about our approach to teaching Aviation English.

   Below is the course breakdown.   

   1. General English:

   We understand there are many pilots who have passed the proficiency test, 
   and would like to maintain and improve their level of English. We have general 
   and advanced English courses that will accomplish this. Our courses are 
   designed to help pilots continue to improve their day to day English.

   Our Basic General English course will bring the non-English speaker up to  
   and surpass the ICOA Level 4 requirements. Our goal is not to teach grammar 
   rules but Pronunciation - Structure - Vocabulary -Fluency - Comprehension 
   and Interaction.

   2.    Aviation Sections:

   As a pilot you more than likely know these topics very well in your native 
   langue, however you need to know these topics in English as the words in 
   each topic, are those words that will be used throughout your aviation 
   communications.  This will not be a lecture. Students will read materials and 
   the instructor will help the student with pronunciation, clarification and 
   understanding, thereby developing confidence building skills in using English 
   as a second langue.

   Aircraft Structure
   Principles of Flight
   Aerodynamics of Flight
   Flight Controls
   Aircraft Systems
   Flight Instruments
   Flight Manuals and Other Documents
   Weight and Balance
   Aircraft Performance
   Weather Theory
   Aviation Weather Services
   Airport Operations
   Aero Medical Factors
   Aeronautical Decision-Making
   Pilot Glossary
   Instrument Departure Procedures
   Instrument En Route Operations
   Instrument Arrivals
   Instrument Approaches
   Instrument Improvement Plans
   Instrument Airborne Navigation Databases
   Instrument Emergency Procedures
   Instrument Glossary

   Runway Incursions
   General English and standard phraseology help stop runway incursions on the 
   apron and runways.


   1.  Charlotte Douglas International, Airport North Carolin

   2.  Providence Rhode Island KPVD


   3.  Chicago O’Hare International Airport, Illinois ORD


         The cost of this program is as follows:

   Each student will receive an “ICAO Aviation Course Completion Certificate”, 
   upon completing the selected program


         $1,490.00 for 8 months course

        “One on One”

        One hour:    $25.00
       10 hours:    $230.00
       50 hours: $1,000.00

  Note: This is not a Pilot/Dispatcher Training Program, it is only one of the      
  tools used in teaching Pilot/Dispatcher Aviation  English.

Pilots / Student Pilots and Dispatcher English Program