Note: This is not a Mechanics Training Program, it is only one of the tools used  
  in teaching Aviation  English to Mechanics.

Mechanics and Student Mechanics English Program

Read about our approach to teaching Aviation English.

Aviation English Classes offers a three course 8 month program for Mechanics and Student Mechanics. This program is a two day a week / three hours each day program. This program is offered through our “One on One” Skype class room or Webinars.

Below is the course breakdown.   

General English:

We understand there are many Mechanics who have passed a proficiency test, and would like to maintain and improve their level of English. We have general and advanced English courses that will accomplish this. Our courses are designed to help Mechanics continue to improve their day to day English.

Our Basic general English course will bring the non-English speaker up to and surpass the ICOA Level 4 requirements. Our goal is not to teach grammar rules but Pronunciation - Structure - Vocabulary -Fluency - Comprehension, Interaction and basic writing skills.

2.   Aviation Sections:

As a Mechanics you more than likely know these topics very well in your native langue, however you need to know these topics in English as the words in each topic, are those words that will be used throughout your aviation verbal and written communications.  This will not be a lecture. Students will read materials and the instructor will help the student with pronunciation, clarification and understanding, thereby developing confidence building skills in using English as a second langue.

Aircraft Structures
Aerodynamics, Aircraft Assembly, and
Aircraft Fabric Covering
Aircraft Metal Structural Repair
Aircraft Welding
Aircraft Wood
Advanced Composite Materials
Aircraft Painting and Finishing
Aircraft Electrical System
Aircraft Instrument
Communication and Navigation
Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Aircraft Landing
Aircraft Fuel System
Ice and Rain Protection
Cabin Environmental
Fire Protection Systems
Aircraft Engines
Engine Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems
Induction and Exhaust Systems
Engine Ignition and Electrical Systems
Engine Starting Systems
Lubrication and Cooling Systems
Engine Removal and Replacement
Engine Fire Protection Systems
Engine Maintenance and Operation
Light-Sport Aircraft Engines

3.   Radiotelephony (transmission of audio by radio)

Radiotelephony communications at times can be very difficult to understand. Our goal is to make it easier by explaining what ATC will most likely say to the Mechanic who needs to access the airport environment or is doing radio checks. This will help you to understand the communication process before it takes place. Once you know what to expect, it is so much easier to understand.  

We will address communicating with Air Traffic Control (ATC) facilities such as:
Pushback - Ground - Tower - Ground Personnel - and ATC Administrators

We will explain what ATC, would more likely say to you the Mechanic, before communications begins. This will help you to understanding the communications process before it takes place. 

We will address aircraft incidents and accidents due to the lack of understanding and the inability to communicate effectively using English and cultural-nuances.

The course is designed so you can effectively communicate, within routine and non routine situations including emergencies, using English as a second langue.

Note: This program is designed for intermediate level English speakers, however it’s also has the flexibility to accommodate non intermediate level students and those students with time constraints.  

The cost of this program is as follows:

  Each student will receive an “ICAO Aviation Course Completion Certificate”, 
  upon completing the selected program


                  $1,490.00 for 8 months course

“One on One”

                  One hour:    $25.00
                  10 hours:    $230.00
                  50 hours: $1,000.00