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Practice English by Reading Stories and Topics of Interest - Build your Aviation Diction and expand your knowledge. 

23RD Joseph T. Nall Report
General Aviation Accidents in 2011

Air Safety Institute 2012-2013 GA Accident Scorecard


FAA Aviation News and Topics Magazine by the Year. Each year, has  
very valuable information and incite that never grows old.

FAA Aviation News Magazine 2001

FAA Aviation News Magazine 2002

FAA Aviation News Magazine 2003

FAA Aviation News Magazine 2004

FAA Aviation News Magazine 2005

FAA Aviation News Magazine 2006

"Air  Crash  Investigations”

“Air  Crash  Investigation” is  very  good,  it’s  real life situations  that  will    teach you more about the aviation industry and the complexities of  it, and      will give you a better appreciation of the constant knowledge, the field  of  Aviation  demands.

Laguardia Exhibit album Aviation History Through Photos

Plain English 

Wildlife Strikes to Civil Aircraft in the United States


ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization / English
ICAO Manual on the Prevention of Runway Incursions

ICAO  State of Global Aviation Safety 2013

ICOA Standard Phraseology


ATC Readbacks

Effective Pilot Controller Communications

Phraseology Guide for GA Pilots in Europe

“Say again ?” Miscommunication in Air Traffic Control

Spatial disorientation visual illusions


Aircraft Performance

Aircraft Tire Inspection

Aircraft Wake Turbulance

Cloud Chart

Fire Risk of Electronic Cigarettes (e-cigarettes in Checked Baggage)

FAA  Air Space Card  A - B - C - D - G

FAA Manual Bird Strikes

In-Flight Intercept Procedures 

Laser Light Hazards

Light Gun Signals from the Control Tower

Mountain Flying Tips

Mountain Flying

Night Flying Tips

Oxygen Eqipment

Roadmap for General Aviation Aging Airplane Programs



Pilot’s Guide to Airport Signs and Markings

Standard ground movment traing training for airport operators

Pilot Flight

Verification of Authenticity of Foreign License, Rating, and Medical Certification
Stall and Spin Awareness                                              

Personal Minimums

Single-Pilot Crew Resource Management

Flight Attendants

Cabin Safety Subject Index






Stories of Interest

1,000 Most Frequently used English Words


English Conversation Videos with Subtitles
5 Critical Number Health of Pilots

Alcohol and Disorientation Related Responses

Alcohol and Flying

Aviation Physiology

Circadian Rhythm Disruption and flying

Crew Alcohol Ingestion

Fit for Flight - Developing a Personal Fitness Program

Hearing and Noise in Aviation

How to Tackle the Most Embarrassing Proble on Planes

Hypoxia - The Higher You Fly The less Air in The Sky

Just for the Health of Pilots -Obesity

Medication and Flying

Pilot Vision

English Conversation Videos with Subtitles
The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).  Lots of great aviator videos