Would you like to know what your ICAO English level is today?
        Aviation English Placement Test (AEPT) or the Pre-ICAO Level 4 Test (PILT)

What are the benefits in taking the AEPT?

1. You will be able to determine what your ICAO English level proficiency is before you take the

2. This will help you to prepare in advance and reduce the chances of failing an ICAO English
Proficiency Test.

3. Receive the feedback that will help to identify those areas (if any) which need additional

4. This will also help you to better understand what you can expect in an ICAO English
Proficiency Test
environment, the performance level you will need to be at and the confidence level you need to

Why would you want to take an Aviation English Placement Test or Pre-ICAO Level 4

When you start our ICAO Aviation English Course it is very important that you start the course
at the correct level. The reason is:

1. If you start a course that is too easy, or does not correct your current level needs you will be
wasting valuable time. It also could cost you considerably more money and will lead you to
lose interest and commitment.

2. If you start at a course level where you are starting beyond your ability level, this will become
too difficult and you will become frustrated due to the lack of any real noticeable progress.

3. There is also another important benefit to the taking of Aviation English Placement Test
(AEPT) and / or Pre-ICAO Level 4 Test (PILT) before you start your training or take the ICAO
English Proficiency Test. You will be better able to determine how long it will take you to
realistically achieve your goal of meeting ICAO level 4 Proficiency criteria. This is cost saving
knowledge, which will greatly assist you in your future planning endeavors, of using English as
a second language.

How long does it typically take to reach ICAO Level 4?
Trying to predict how much time you need to study to improve your English is very difficult.
Each of us has a different make up, and our daily routines are very different from one another.
Taking an Aviation English Placement Test or Pre-ICAO Level 4 test can give the interviewer
an estimate of how long it should take you, giving the ICAO English scale, to achieve Level 4.

What is the process in taking the Aviation English Placement Test or the Pre-ICAO
Level 4 Test? 
The test takes approximately 90 minutes and is given in a very comfortable  and  relax  manner. The  test  is  given  at  a  time convenient to the participant  and is done  through  the internet platform “Skype”. Skype is a free  service. This  live  testing  is conducted by  one of  our  Aviation English  specialists, and is given in a  similar format of the ICAO Level 4 criteria, and has the flexibility to  take into consideration those participants that have limited to none aviation knowledge
After completing the Aviation English Placement Test or Pre-ICAO Level 4 Test, the session recording of participant performance will be sent to our assessment team for it to be analyzed and for feedback. It will be compared against the ICAO level 4 benchmark.

What feedback can you expect after taking the Aviation English Placement Test (AEPT) or  the Pre-ICAO Level 4 Test (PILT)?
In addition to your overall Rating Scale Level, we will give you specific feedback on each of the elements assessed within the ICAO Level 4 language proficiency guideline. These elements consist of the following:

(4.6.2) Pronunciation
(4.6.3) Structure
(4.6.4) Vocabulary
(4.6.5) Fluency
(4.6.6) Comprehension
(4.6.7) Interaction

We will be more than happy to go over specific areas for your improvement, and map out a strategy on how long it should take you to realistically achieve the objectives of ICAO Level 4 proficiency. We will guide you through the process and make ongoing recommendations.

Who Is the Aviation English Placement Test or Pre-ICAO Level 4 Test for?

These tests are designed and have the flexibility to accommodate Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers and all aviation Personnel who want to accomplish ICAO Level 4 proficiency. This also includes those who would like to enter the aviation industry and have not obtained any aviation knowledge. This test can be tailored as to be subject matter free.

This is not an ICAO Certification Test. The testing purpose is designed to allow you the opportunity to see where you are on the ICAO proficiency scale. ICAO English Level proficiency certification should be arranged via your local Civil Aviation Department, to be assured the testing facility is authorized to conduct such test.

Questions you will see within our
Aviation English Placement Test
(Example AEPT) or the Pre-
ICAO Level 4 Test (PILT).