Aircraft Landing Gear

(Air - craft) (Land - ing) (Gir)
            1. Tail Wheel (Type Landing Gear)

    This type of Design is to keep the Propellers, High above the ground on non paved or             
    smooth runways.
2. Tricycle (Type of Landing Gear)
Tricycle Landing Gear looks like a child's bicycle 

1.          3.  Pontoons (Type of Landing Gear).
       This is designed for Water of Land.

4.  One Type of Landing Gear for Helicopters are Skids. (He - li - cop - ters)
Aircraft Landing Gear

     A) Fixed landing Gear

     Is just that, it is fixed and does not move, causing parasite drag.

     B) Retractable Landing Gear  (Re - tract - able)

     Retracts into the fuselage, reducing Parasite Drag and increase speeds.