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This  Air  Carrier,  based  in  Miami,  Florida,  had  pilots who used English as a Second  Language.  Mr. Murphy  discovered  safety  issues  in  relationship  to  their understanding and communications within their duties. An urgent need arose to assist his pilots in  their understanding  and communication skills with English whithin the ATC environment.

Mr. Murphy started and English Langue school and has been teaching English for the last decade. 
Its founder Mr. D. Murphy, a University Graduate and a FAA License Commercial Pilot, with many teaching certificates and flying hours, started a Licensed FAA/DOT Air Carrier, and Licensed by the Department of Treasury, Office of Foreign Assets Control as a Carrier Service Provider and Travel Service Provider. His responsibilities included daily management of Personnel, Operations, Flight, Maintenance and Training. Wrote and maintained FAA, DOT, Treasury, State Department and Home Land Security Company Manuals. Negotiated and expanded passenger routes, aircraft purchases/leases, Insurance and aircraft sales. He also wrote: DOT/FAA Hazardous Materials Training Manuals, Pilot/Ground Crew Flight and Ground Training Manuals, Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA, EEOC and labor law Compliance Manuals. Instituted computer applications for Aircraft, Training/ Maintenance, Passenger/Cargo manifest and employee tracking.

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